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150,000 Honeybees Check in at Sundial SOS

SOS News

Sundial SOS is buzzing with excitement after installing bee hives within its grounds.

Over 150,000 honeybees have arrived at the venue finding agency’s headquarters at Highgate House in Northamptonshire, taking up residence in three specially constructed hives within its 26 acres.

The hives, managed by bio-diversity champions Plan Bee, are part of Sundial Group’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and caring for the environment, whilst helping to reverse the decline in bee population.

Rebecca Carter, General Manager of SOS, said:

“With bees in danger of disappearing from our environment it’s wonderful to be supporting the world’s most important pollinator of food crops. Bees also really resonate with Sundial and our hard-working ethos – like us, they get results!”

The Health Of Our Eco-System

Bees are tireless pollinators of trees, plants, flowers, vegetables and fruits. Not only are they essential to the health of our eco-system; they are vital to the world’s agricultural economy. 90% of food worldwide is provided by just 100 crop species. 71 of these are dependent on honey bees, so the serious decline in bees in the UK is a threat to future food supplies.

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