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7 Things to Look for in a Venue Finding Agency

Venue Finding

Choosing a venue finding agency for the first time? Here are 7 things to look out for...


Always check the credentials of the venue finding agency before you start. How long has it been in business for? What’s its background? Does it know the venue and events industry inside-out? Does it have a good existing Client list? Would it be willing to let you talk to some of its existing customers?


When you choose a venue finding agency, you’re choosing expertise. You want to talk to someone who really knows venues, with first hand experience of them and plenty of industry insights they can’t wait to share. If it sounds like you’re talking to someone in a call centre, then apply caution.

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Personal Service

Venue finding services should always feel personal. Good venue finding agencies will want to ask you as many questions as possible about your brief and your meeting/event objectives so that they can confidently find the right venue for you. Feel free to ask them if they’ve personally been to any of the venues they’re recommending. They, or someone in their team, should have done. Personal knowledge is vital as it also means they’re likely to have personal contacts whom they can call upon to negotiate the best deals for you.


Again, it’s all about the quality of the staff. Good venue finding agencies will have experienced staff who will be able to easily sift the good venues from the bad and be able to ask all the right questions on your behalf (ones that you might not even think of) so that there will be no surprises during or after your event.

Local Knowledge

Besides knowing venues well, it’s important the agency also has a strong understanding of the locations that the venues are in. Their specialist insights on the best travel options, as well as any local knowledge, could very well influence your final choice.

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Another key reason for using a venue finding agency is to save time. It’s important that the agency you choose is not only knowledgeable and professional, but efficient. You should always expect to hear back from them at pre-agreed set timeframes and get a pro-active service.


A good venue finding agency will always be attentive and patient. They’ll take time to really probe your brief in order to best understand your requirements. If their first shortlist is not right, for whatever reason, they’ll persevere with you to ensure the second list is; working collaboratively with you until the right venue for your event is found.

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