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Post-Covid-19 events: 5 Reasons Venue Finding Agencies Will Make A Difference

Event Planning

Keeping delegates safe and events on-budget has never been more important. As life resumes amid the Covid-19 crisis, here’s why using a venue finding agency can make an important difference to your events.

Negotiating the best terms

A major bonus of using a venue finding agency is that they will handle all the negotiations with the venue. As experienced relationship managers and experts in event contracts, a venue finding agency is best placed to negotiate the very best terms that will protect you from unforeseen circumstances. This includes flexible terms and conditions, plus easy cancellation policies that ensure you won’t pay if your event is cancelled due to any new Covid-19 restrictions.

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Knowing the best solution

With extensive in-house knowledge about the events industry, venue finding agencies can help you improve on your original event ideas. Not only will they quickly be able to make a shortlist of suitable venues to fit your brief, they can also suggest innovative solutions that may work even better, such as hybrid meetings. Ultimately, getting more heads together leads to more successful events.

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Covid-safe environments

With so many new rules and requirements in place to ensure delegates are kept safe, it can feel like a lot of responsibility to take this on by yourself. A venue finding agency can take on the time-consuming work out of ensuring all safety measures are in place. This provides important reassurance that you’ll be running a totally safe event.

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Securing the best price

Not only will venue finding agencies negotiate better terms for your event, they’ll also get the best price. Since they are liaising with venues every day, venue finding agencies are often offered preferential rates that you could not access if you went directly to a venue. As professional negotiators, venue finding agencies will help you get the very best value for money for your event.

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Thinking of the bigger picture

Organising an event is more complex than solely booking a venue, and it’s often the details that can make or break it. Venue finding agencies will also share the benefit of their experience by helping you think of some of the other considerations. At the moment, the ease of access to an event is particularly important, as many people want to avoid public transport. Where a city centre venue may previously have been favourable, countryside locations with ample space may now be the preferred option. A venue finding agency can apply considerations like this to find a venue that makes sense in the context of your particular event.

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Be reassured that your event will be safe, on budget and a success by using a venue finding agency. Taking the legwork out of many key areas relating to sourcing the ideal venue for your needs, venue finding agencies will also free up your time to focus on the event content itself.


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