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74% of Delegates Want More Interactive Training Environments

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Today’s delegates want fresh air, colour and aromas, not to be cramped in airless rooms, according to latest research by Sundial Group.

Results from Sundial’s Learning and Development Survey found that nearly three-quarters of participants at training events want to escape the four walls of traditional meeting rooms and embrace outside space and creative environments instead. There is also an appetite for more multisensory events, utilising colour, sounds and scents to help stimulate the senses to increase productivity and creativity.

Over a third of those surveyed also want improved integration of technology within their learning spaces.  At many events, technology is actively discouraged when it could in fact play a positive and contributing role. Rather than being seen as a distraction, the right technology, such as interactive touch-screens, has the power to generate more engaging and stimulating meetings.

Commenting on the results, General Manager of Sundial SOS, Rebecca Carter:

“It’s clear that there is a real demand for more immersive events and delegates are looking for more of an ‘experience’. Creative meeting spaces and interactive technology should be high on the agenda for training venues, along with making outside space as accessible as possible. We’re seeing many venues respond to this demand already, introducing scents into the meeting room, flexible seating and interactive whiteboards. It’s going to be interesting to see how many more venues will introduce these new environments in the next couple of years.”

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