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Why a Venue Finding Agency is a PA’s Best Friend

Venue Finding

With expert knowledge and invaluable negotiating skills, venue finding agencies bring real value to personal assistants and others who have to organise meetings and events on a regular basis. Here are the perks of using a venue finding agency.

Organising events – whether small company meetings or larger occasions with clients – is a time-consuming task. When the responsibility falls on someone who already has to multi-task on a daily basis, it can be difficult to give the event planning process the attention it needs.

Here’s why venue finding agencies can help to ease the pressure:

Expert Knowledge

Venue finding agencies have links with hundreds of venues, meaning they’ll be able to track down the perfect venue for your event quickly and easily. It saves you a lot of time looking at venues that don’t meet your criteria for space or budget. It also means you’ll find the very best venue possible, as the venue finding agency has already done the hard work in identifying and shortlisting suitable venues.

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Good Negotiators

As experts in this field, venue finding agencies are used to negotiating with venues on a daily basis. This is invaluable when it comes to securing a good price for your event. As venue finding agencies bring a lot of business to venues too, it helps them secure even better prices than you would have access to as an individual business. Good negotiating not only helps your budget – venue finding agencies also know what added extras they can ask venues to include in the price too.

An Extension of the Team

Building up a good relationship with a venue finding agency means they get to know your business and event requirements inside-out. It’s just like having extra colleagues in your team who have sole responsibility for taking care of your meetings and events.

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Available at Short Notice

Venue finding agencies are also invaluable when you need to plan a meeting or event at short notice. With hundreds of contacts at venues at their fingertips, they can eliminate the stress of handling a last-minute meeting request by identifying and booking a venue very quickly.

Extra Perks

The very nature of a venue finding agency’s job is that they’re also well connected with other types of suppliers. This could be anything from catering companies to photographers. If you need a venue, it’s likely you’ll need a few of these extras too, so it’s reassuring to know you’ll get even more support than you might expect from the agency.

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Time Saving

The most noticeable value a venue finding agency brings is saving you time. They quickly identify venues that are suitable for your needs and can usually provide a shortlist of venues within 24 hours of you making a request. For larger events, they’ll visit venues on your behalf – or with you if you prefer – and provide an independent comparison report on how the different venues will meet your requirements. Venue finding agencies can also take care of some of the logistics at the event itself, such as delegate management.

Free of Charge

Many people don’t realise that most venue finding agencies are free of charge. It’s common practice for venues to pay venue finding agencies a finder’s fee for bringing them your business. This doesn’t change the price you pay as a client, nor would you have received a lower quote if you had gone directly to the venue – it’s simply the way venues work.

Using a venue finding agency is a win-win situation for all involved, saving time and cutting out the main stresses usually associated with organising meetings and events.