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Location, Location, Location: Why the Venue is the Most Important Part of your Event

Venue Finding

An event venue should be noticed for all the right reasons, which can make the difference between success and failure. Here’s why a venue has the power to make your event stand apart.

An incredible amount of time, energy and resources go into planning events. It can be tempting to identify ways to save time and money, but the venue is one area where there should be no compromises. A venue not only forms the backdrop to the event, it creates an impression of a company and aids the smooth running of every aspect of the event too.

Here are more reasons why the venue is the most important part of your event.

Event Space

The actual space where the event or meeting takes place has the ability to inspire delegates or leave them feeling disengaged. For example, rooms with natural light make a big difference to the feeling in the room, and helps it feel airier and enlivening. The décor of the room is also important – furniture that is good quality and modern creates a positive impression. A splash of colour, some art, plants and informal seating areas also help people feel a little more relaxed. Choosing the right size space for the number of delegates is also critical – you don’t want attendees to feel cramped in a tiny room or overwhelmed in a space that is too large.



Most events rely on technology and is an area in which a venue can create a good or bad impression. Firstly, a fast Wi-Fi service that is quick to connect to (no long and awkward passwords!) and that can handle multiple users at once is invaluable to the success of an event. Big screens, microphones and sound systems also dictate the success of speaker-led events. In addition, consider elements such as lighting when thinking about the technology available at a venue, as being able to change the lighting for different parts of the day can dramatically alter the impression delegates have of an event.


A venue is also critical to an event in terms of the staff and service it can provide. Ensuring there are enough staff to register and direct delegates helps set a good impression from the offset, while having plenty of servers at mealtimes and snack breaks also means delegates can maximise their available time during breaks. An ability to offer exceptional customer service is also incredibly important. Check a venue’s ability to do this when liaising with them in the planning stages of the event – if they offer good service to you as their customer, it’s a good sign they’ll offer this to your event delegates too.


It’s the way to delegates hearts! Offering high quality and diverse menu options at an event will ensure delegates are properly taken care of. Good venues can cater for many different dietary requirements with ease, and offer appetising meals and snacks that are nutritious and filling. Great food often ends up on social media too – which is useful for brand-building and is an endorsement of a well-run event.

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Outdoor Space

Good venues offer options of different areas where delegates can spend time, and having a little outdoor space can go a long way to making events successful. If the weather is good, outdoor space helps attendees get a breath of fresh air on coffee breaks and network in a less formal setting. Even if poor weather means outdoor space isn’t usable, delegates appreciate being able to look out over trees, flowers and foliage.

The Practicalities

Venues have the ability to set a great impression on event delegates, and this concept extends beyond the look and feel of a place. If a venue makes the practicalities easy for attendees, it makes their whole experience at the event much more positive. For example, having plenty of car parking spaces, good links to motorways or train stations, and overnight stay facilities mean delegates spend less of their precious time planning logistics before an event.

Prioritise finding the right venue for events to make many other elements of event planning slot into place. Great venues breed success!

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