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Your Guide to Increasing Event Engagement

Event Planning

Events are one-of-a-kind opportunities to connect with your target audience in ways that simply cannot be achieved from a distance. Here’s how to make the very best of the latest technology and engagement tactics to take your relationship with delegates to a whole new level.

The goal of any corporate event is to engage with as many prospective customers, business contacts and industry professionals as possible. Ensuring your event stands out from your competitors requires a creative approach that brings together the latest technology and the most up-to-date thinking in the world of event engagement.

Here’s our guide to the best approach to increasing event engagement.

Quality Channels

Instead of spreading yourself too thin by trying to promote engagement with your event on every social media channel, pinpoint just one or two channels that resonate best with your audience. Focusing the bulk of your social media promotion just on LinkedIn or Twitter, for example, will save you time and reap better rewards. Have a memorable and succinct event hashtag too, so you can easily find stand-out user-generated content to display on big screens throughout the event, which will help spark further engagement.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

One of the latest trends, companies are constantly finding new ways to incorporate virtual reality into events. You’ll need a little extra in the budget to hire virtual reality headsets and create a virtual reality experience, but doing so has been a resounding success for many businesses. Virtual reality can be used to showcase a new product, provide a tour of a new company location, or provide training by simulating experiences. The opportunities are endless and depend on your company’s subject matter – but delegates are certain to walk away from a genuinely memorable event when virtual reality is involved.

WEB Virtual reality

Live Polls

A quick and easy way to trigger engagement, build live polls into different aspects of the event. Use live polling at the beginning of each session to make delegates feel immediately part of the content, as well as to get valuable feedback on what delegates are interested in. Live polls can also be used in the run-up to the event to generate some excitement for the upcoming occasion.

Event Apps

Providing practical benefits as well as event engagement, creating a mobile app for your event ticks many boxes. All necessary event functionalities can take place on an app, from registration to agenda management. On top of this, apps provide multiple opportunities for users to engage, whether it’s connecting with likeminded delegates for networking purposes, or discussing the content of specific sessions in an online forum style setting.

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Gamification at Events

Event gamification sets delegates challenges or opportunities to score points and compete against others throughout the course of the event. For example, delegates could score points by visiting a certain number of exhibitor stands, or they could answer multiple choice questions on the content of specific sessions. By running a gamification element to the event via an app, it makes technology work harder for you, while prizes for the top ‘competitors’ provide incentives for delegates to engage more deeply with an event. Alternatively, create a contest for users to take a photo that best sums up the event, and ask them to share it via social media. This helps to create more buzz around an event as well as engagement throughout.

Use the Best of What You Already Have

Put your best marketing hat on when promoting your event, both before and during the event. You may have a line-up of great speakers and sessions, but find the handful of things in your event that really stand out. It may be a well-known speaker or mindfulness break-out sessions in a tipi. Find that hook that will really capture the imagination of delegates and create a story around it – you’ll soon find more people are attending your event, and engaging more when they’re there.

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Create a Community

If you run events regularly, one of the best ways to engage people is to make event engagement a year-round activity. Create genuinely useful and informative blogs and white papers about topics your audience cares about, and find multiple touch points with them throughout the year. That way, when it comes to promoting attendance and engagement at events, you already have a ready-made community.

Increasing event engagement can be achieved with a smarter use of technology rather than more team resources. Apply these tips and you’ll reap the rewards of more engaged delegates and better performing events.

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